Video Reviewer’s Page


Thank you for your participation in reviewing this video.

A raffle prize will be drawn from emailed responses to this request for feedback!
Anyone who participates, and provides their name, email address, and any comments per
the following instructions, will be sent a Coupon Code for 10% off our wellness products
(good through Christmas, 2018)!

The raffle prize of a bottle of Organic Excellence Hair Shampoo ($16 value) will be awarded
on August 3rd, so hurry and get your reviews in!

The video is intended for patients to view on the wall-mounted television in the lobby of
Sacramento Medical Group (next door to Detoxination Wellness Centers’ office).

As it will be looping every 15 minutes, we opted for a silent presentation.

We ask that you critically review this video while notating any timing issues,
misspellings, or slides that were not understandable.  Any suggestions you may
have are welcome!

So, if a slide takes too long , is advanced too quickly, or is confusing, please note
the slide number (indicated in the lower right corner), and suggest an improvement.

Email your suggestions to and include your name, email
address (if you wish to be included in the raffle!), and all your recommendations.

This low-resolution version of the video is best viewed in full screen, so please click
the Full Screen icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video.

Thank you for your help!

Daniel Root