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My name is Daniel Root, and I am the son of the maverick physician who pioneered this powerful detoxification protocol for Occupational Medicine, Dr. David E. Root. Now that he is retired, I carry the torch for you!

Dr. Root found by combining niacin, exercise, and sauna heat stress that he could liberate toxins from fat, brain, and bone which could then be excreted via sebaceous sweat.  Learn more in this video.

Back in 2012, my wife and I made a fateful decision in naively following her Primary Care Provider’s treatment plan for misdiagnosed hyperthyroidism: Radioactive Iodine Therapy.  It was a life-altering mistake, and she will forever be on prescription thyroid medication with no hope for full recovery.

What we learned, after the fact, was that her hyperthyroidism could have been better treated by my father’s detoxification program! 

We understand what you’re going through, at least from the maltreatment you’ve received with gadolinium poisoning.  Your pain and suffering is not just physical.

Fortunately for you, Detoxination® can restore your quality of life and health better than any other therapy available!

This is the most studied and clinically proven detox of its kind; yet it is 100% holistic!

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Frequently asked questions

Detoxination® is a holistic protocol developed by Dr. David E. Root to eliminate heavy metals and synthetic chemicals from the body.  It harnesses a unique property of niacin (Vitamin B3) to liberate toxins from fat cells and whole-body thermotherapy to excrete these mobilized toxins via sweat.

Chelation is indicated for acute heavy metal poisoning, and is able to bind with specific metals in the bloodstream.  Once the gad settles in fat cells, bones, and brain tissues it is very difficult for it to be captured by chelation.  Our Protocol liberates toxicants from these stores, and much of it is excreted via sebaceous sweat or captured with binders.  

We are currently investigating the efficacy of combining DPTA with Detoxination; however, we are still in trials at this time.

Since 1982, Dr Davd E. Root and his team have clinically administered the detox protocol to treat workplace chemical or heavy metal exposure injuries around the world.  Now under the PureBeing banner, Detoxination is available to the general public! It was introduced in 2018, and soon franchises will be rolled out across the country.

Detoxination is the only safe and scientifically proven method to reduce the body burden of fat-stored toxicants.  It is very powerful, and must be followed precisely for the best outcomes. 

In the body, gadoliniun is one of the most pervasive and pernicious earth metals, and very difficult to eliminate.  Most victims will need multiple 30-day programs in order to fully restore their quality of life and health.  Therefore, it is strongly advised that you come to our Center for your first program.  Under our supervision, your experience will be far more tolerable, and your overall outcome will be superior.  

From there, your options include coming back for another round after a 30-45 day rest, or acquiring a sauna for the remainder of your healing journey. You’ll learn everything you need to know to build upon your progress when you work with us directly.

Unfortunately no.  If you are pregnant or nursing, have any serious heart conditions, have hemophilia, or are on any psychotropic medications then this protocol is not for you.  

Researchers have estimated that approximately 1% (15 mg) of the 1.5 grams of injected gadolinium from each dose of MRI contrast may be released from the contrast agent and deposited in fat cells, brain tissues, and bones of GBCA-exposed patients.

GBCAs are generally thought to be safe to use; however, retention of gadolinium has been found to have serious consequences.

Gadolinium is neurotoxic. It inhibits mitochondrial function and induces oxidative stress. The Blood-Brain Barrier is easily disrupted, and this is why gadolinium is deposited in brain tumors and brain lesions such as those seen in Multiple Sclerosis.

Clinicians have not yet been fully trained on the consequences of gad toxicity, and it may take another 10 years before GBCAs are fully banned.

At this time, conventional medicine can only mask your symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

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Our patients say

"After 2 weeks on this program, my joy and humor are coming back! I have not laughed like this in so many years and it feels so frickin good!"
Michele M.
Full Time Mom
"For those of you wondering if this program is what you want and what you need, I highly recommend it! It will be the best investment you ever made for your health!"
Jessica R.
Police Officer
"I was poisoned by gadolinium during an MRI and this made it almost impossible to work in my tech job because of the brain fog, pain, and dizziness. I completed the Detoxination protocol and now I'm able to work with clarity and I'm much closer to living a normal life."
Erik S.
Information Technology
"The absolute best thing I’ve done for my overall health in a very long time and maybe ever."
Randy M.