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Multple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a clear sign your body has been overwhelmed by lipophilic xenobiotics, or fat-attracted heavy metals and man-made chemicals.

These fat-soluble toxicants have become sequestered in your fat tissues, including your brain (60-70% fat!), because your natural detoxification pathways cannot fully process them.

Modern medicine can only mask your symptoms with pharmaceuticals.  Doctors are not trained to deal with the problem at its source.

But we have the only safe and effective program to detox these illness-causing xenobiotics, and it’s called Detoxination®!

In fact, sweating out toxins relieves the burden on your liver and kidneys, and is the most studied, clinically proven detox of its kind, yet it is 100% holistic!

Get Detoxinated!™ and restore your quality of life and health!

Frequently asked questions

Detoxination® is a holistic protocol developed by Dr. David E. Root to eliminate heavy metals and synthetic chemicals from the body.  It harnesses a unique property of niacin (Vitamin B3) to liberate toxins from fat cells and whole-body thermotherapy to excrete these mobilized toxins via sweat.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) is caused by an overwhelming accumulation of fat-soluble environmental and industrial chemicals that lodged in fat tissues.  Like a vacuum cleaner, your body is sucking up toxins from the air, water, food, products, and drugs.  MCS is your body telling you to empty your full canister, and Detoxination is the only safe and scientifically proven method to do just that!

Learn why conventional medicine cannot help by clicking here.

Since 1982, Dr Davd E. Root and his team have clinically administered the detox protocol to treat workplace chemical or heavy metal exposure injuries around the world.  Now Detoxination is available to the general public! It was introduced in 2018, and soon franchises will be rolled out across the country.

Although we recommend first-timers Get Detoxinated!™ at our Center in Sacramento, we understand that this is not practical with MCS.  Most MCS patients require multiple programs to get relief; therefore, we have produced a video tutorial course and carefully sourced all the main consumables in our 30-day Detox Vitamin Kit so you can achieve similar results.   Our sauna manufacturer has the highest rating for the lowest electromagetic fields (EMFs) and zero emissions of volatile organic compounds.  The sauna cabinet is made of high quality Canadian hemlock, the unit plugs into a standard 110V 15A circuit, and it fits in a 36″ x 36″ space.  So, if you do not have access to a sauna, or are bothered by the smells of other sauna bathers, then the Sauna Bundle is your best option.

Unfortunately no.  If you are pregnant or nursing, have any serious heart conditions, have hemophilia, or are on any psychotropic medications then this protocol is not for you.  

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all the tools you need

Our packages provide the necessary training, coaching, consumables, and equipment needed to effectively detox.

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You'll save big with these bundles over their individual prices. We've sourced the most MCS-friendly products!

online training & coaching

Guidebook training included in all our packages! And personal one-on-one coaching via Zoom or Skype is available.

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Pay by credit/debit card, PayPal, PayPal Credit*, or eCheck.
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Choose the best plan for you

Detoxination® requires a sauna (far infrared preferred) to induce sweat.

Choose a plan that works best for you: 


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$458 $388

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Our clients say

"After 2 weeks on this program, my joy and humor are coming back! I have not laughed like this in so many years and it feels so frickin good!"
Michele M.
Full Time Mom
"For those of you wondering if this program is what you want and what you need, I highly recommend it! It will be the best investment you ever made for your health!"
Jessica R.
Police Officer
"I was poisoned by gadolinium during an MRI and this made it almost impossible to work in my tech job because of the brain fog, pain, and dizziness. I completed the Detoxination protocol and now I'm able to work with clarity and I'm much closer to living a normal life."
Erik S.
Information Technology
"The absolute best thing I’ve done for my overall health in a very long time and maybe ever."
Randy M.

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