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Take the leap toward a passionate and rewarding career with purpose through a program that teaches you to empower change in others.

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Learn Health Solutions on a Level You Need to Succeed

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Whether you're already familiar with Detoxination® or new to the concept, our Detoxinician Training Program will make you feel prepared to work with clients and make actual progress.

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Learn How to Improve Your Health and Share That Knowledge to Help Others

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Do you feel a deep calling to help others live a healthy life and make a difference? You can learn how to do that while using the knowledge for yourself and your family with Detoxination!

Our unique program has been clinically validated for over 3 decades with 25 published studies, yet it is 100% holistic!

With our Detoxinician certificate training  program you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to join our team at one of our PureBeing™ Sauna Suites locations (coming soon to 340 major US cities then expanding worldwide)!

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Then take the next step to become a Licensed Detoxinician, and enjoy the benefits of adding Detoxination to your service offerings! 

To learn more about our Detoxinician training, certification, and licensing programs, use the form below to request more detailed information.

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Detoxinician Certificate Program Overview

The basic steps to becoming a Detoxinician:

  1. Trainee level training
  2. Undergoing a Detoxination program of 14, 21, or 30 days (Remote Detox Coaching clients satisfy this requirement)
  3. Advanced level training
  4. Supervised delivery of the Protocol to a minimum of 3 clients (Remote supervision by a Detoxinician accpeted)
  5. Detoxinician Certificate Testing 


 Opportunities for Detoxinicians:

  1. Employment at PureBeing Sauna Suites
  2. Self-employment or augmenting existing services with Detoxinician licensing 
  3. Remote Detox Coaching
  4. Trainer

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