Q- 5. Do I have to prepare for your program?

Yes, you need to be mentally and physically prepared to commit to the minimum two weeks of program time.

We can schedule your 2-hour sessions as early as 7am or as late as 6pm.

Depending on your current physical activity we will tailor your exercise requirements to produce the best results.

Nutrition and sleep are also very important to the success of Detoxination® therefore, we will monitor your eating habits and sleep cycles using FitBit Charge 2 units.

An optional ketogenic diet plan may also be advised that we will tailor to your needs, and this diet must begin at least 3 weeks prior to your Detoxination® Program in order to reach a state of ketosis.

You must refrain from using any fragrances or scented products while on the program as these may bother other clients and are toxic to your body.

Due to the amount of fluids lost during the protocols and the stresses to your body, recreational drugs and alcohol must not be consumed.

It is extremely beneficial to notify your friends and family that you are doing this program so they will not tempt you into unhealthy activities!

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