Q- 1. How does Detoxination® work?

Our proprietary, 2-week wellness protocols use immediate release niacin (vitamin B3), exercise, and Full Spectrum Infrared saunas to mobilize the toxins from fat stores and enhance their release from your body. The niacin is ingested approximately 2 hours prior to cardio and resistance band exercises to get your blood circulating and to break up fat cells throughout your body and muscle tissues.

Niacin, in the form of immediate release nicotinic acid, causes a flushing of your skin and a prickly sensation which are desired side effects caused by vasodilation.  Approximately 2 hours after ingesting niacin (I), above normal lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release Free Fatty Acids and toxins) occurs in a four hour “window of opportunity” (II) in which clients will exercise and sauna bathe in two cycles of approximately 30 minutes, each.

The immediate-release niacin dose increases over the two week program in order to reproduce the red flushing of the skin to promote sweat. Usually the niacin starts at 100mg and may gradually increase up to 3,500mg – 5,000mg.

We utilize Full Spectrum Infrared saunas with therapeutic lighting, and the temperatures can range from 130 to 158 °F. These saunas are capable of penetrating up to 2 inches under the skin which allows for the maximum release of toxins in the shortest amount of time.

At these temperatures, individuals can comfortably stay inside the saunas for 30 minutes, or as tolerated. Cold showers are recommended in between the sauna cycles, and we test core body temperatures after each session.

As the bad toxins are sweated out via the sebaceous glands and skin pores, so are the good things your body needs; therefore, clients are given a regimen of replacement electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. Berkey® filtered water and a special blend of calcium and magnesium are also provided for rehydration and muscle relaxation.

Studies demonstrate that the sauna detoxification protocol can average a 42.4% reduction in bioaccumulated toxic material while providing over 78% in symptom relief! See our Resources page for more information.

Prior to our program a physical is recommended. We can provide your primary care provider with a detailed breakdown of the protocols in order to make an informed evaluation. Also, we have medical staff that know our program who can perform a physical, if needed. Each day clients are weighed in and out, and body metrics, such as BMI, body temperature, and blood pressure are recorded.

Optional pre- and post-program toxin analysis, IQ tests, and instant drug screens are also available.

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