Miles Per Hour?

Recently the question came up about the meaning of “M.P.H” in my Dad’s name, David E. Root, M.D., M.P.H.

I believe my friend quipped, “he must be a FAST doctor”!

The “Master of Public Health” degree is an advanced degree few Doctors attempt to achieve. The Master in Public Health professional is versed in both the clinical aspects and in academia-based research, public policy, global health, infectious disease, etc.

Combined with a Preventive Medicine specialty, through additional training, these physicians have become experts in methods for maintaining good health and preventing disease.

These doctors will advise patients on specific diets, exercise regimens, and lifestyle habits that are suited to their particular needs. Preventive Medicine/Wellness Specialists take into account a patient’s nutrition deficiencies, physical and cardiovascular capabilities, and habits in order to advise specific vitamins and supplements to take, how much physical activity to undertake, and which habits should be broken and replaced with more positive behavior.

And that, my Friends, is why my Dad has become the expert in human detoxification of fat-stored xenobiotics (toxins). He has actually done the research (click here for links to his peer-reviewed, published research papers) and has personally administered the sauna detox protocol to over 4,000 individuals around the world since 1982.


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