Hello, my name is Daniel Root.

On St. Patrick’s Day, 1980, I allegedly died.

You see, when I was in high school, my parents and I were in a plane crash that bizarrely changed my life. It was a minor, yet scary, incident broadcast several times on the Shreveport, Louisiana, evening news.  We couldn’t get the wheels down on our crippled airplane, so we made a belly landing at their Regional Airport. But the news that quickly traveled back to our hometown of Dayton, Ohio, was egregiously misinterpreted. During the full week it took me to get back to school, the entire student body believed I was dead. The school authorities failed to confirm the story before breaking the distorted news to my fellow classmates.

Upon my startling return to school the following week, I was suddenly a popular kid; especially with the “in-crowd”.  In the mid-west, that meant the “Heads”.

That’s when I delved, quite heavily, into alcohol, pot, shrooms, ludes, acid, and eventually cocaine.

My parents retired from the Air Force in 1981 and moved to Sacramento to start up Dad’s occupational medicine practice. Shortly thereafter, I joined them to pursue my I.T. career. My Dad’s practice became my first computer installation, and I wound up working full-time to support his new medical billing system. As part of the terms of my employment, I was to undergo a new detoxification program that he was developing for treating workplace chemical exposure injuries. It was in partnership with a group, called HealthMed, who had shown my Dad how their sauna-based drug and alcohol treatment program could help his patients, too.

Now he’s renowned world-wide as the leading expert in the field of sauna detoxification, even though the medical world still has neither fully embraced this modality nor do they offer a safer detoxification therapy to this day.

In 1986, the program took 30-days at 4-5 hours per day, on average, but I wound up doing 33 days! I remember how my brain fog cleared up, my energy levels were high, I was sleeping better, and more alert when awake! Even my I.Q. tests that were performed before and after treatment improved by 10 points!  I later learned that patients average 7-14 reclaimed I.Q. points.  Oh, and I’ve enjoyed excellent health my entire adult life, too!

A few years after my detox I set off to start my first computer service company. I wanted to be a successful entrepreneur and start a family. Although my first marriage dissolved rather quickly, I was blessed to marry Suzy in 1991. Unfortunately, she was unable to have children, so we decided we would adopt. We eventually welcomed 3 beautiful sisters into our family, and I share that whole adventure here.

Not long after that, Suzy complained that she was constantly worn out or tired, she had weakness in her legs, muscle aches, was gaining weight, and feeling down and depressed. In 2012, her physician diagnosed Suzy with hyperthyroidism, and advised her to undergo Radioactive Iodine (RAI) Therapy to destroy her thyroid. Not only did we blindly accept her course of treatment, we even created a school science fair project around it!

But she didn’t get better. Worse yet, she became a slave to the pharmaceutical industry in order to keep herself functioning.

We began doing the research, that we should have done before, to understand what the underlying cause of her disease really was. This journey opened our eyes and changed our perception of western medicine. Where we once trusted their authority in all things health related, and believed in medical cures, we now understand how poor nutrition and toxins are the real cause of most diseases and cancers — and how profits corrupt our healthcare system.

That knowledge sent chills down my spine, once I connected the dots. My Dad’s detoxification program, which was designed to remove heavy metals, Persistent Organic Pollutants (like pesticides), and synthetic chemicals stored in fat cells, could have helped Suzy better than medical science. Even though it was too late for her, my Dad no longer had the sauna detox program at his clinics. You see, after 9/11, the HealthMed team closed their Sacramento facility to open 2 detox centers in New York. By 2007 they had treated over 1,000 First Responders at Ground Zero, and they also traveled around the world consulting and supervising the startups of several centers both here and abroad.

Suddenly I was faced with the knowledge that I had a way, and the passion, to help others who are suffering with chronic pain, fatigue, obesity, insomnia, and many other inflammatory conditions; however, there were so many questions. Would I be able to get people to understand the problems caused by toxins? Would people try something that isn’t mainstream medicine? How could I even build a detox center? And can I get the time commitment down to a reasonable level and still get results?

It became my mission to develop and test a shorter, more effective, holistic protocol that would improve the quality of life and health for millions around the world. The protocol would also need to help clients reduce their exposure to toxins and improve their nutritional choices. But what to call this new protocol? Detoxification has too many meanings, and it is too closely associated with drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

With this all-encompassing approach to sustainable wellness, I coined the now-trademarked word, “Detoxination“. It literally means the process of removing toxins.

With the help from a world-class body builder, Lou Dedier, who owned an exclusive gym next to our clinic, we bought two Far Infrared (FIR) saunas and began developing the new protocol. We found that we could reduce the time simply by replacing the conventional convection saunas with these FIR units. Convection saunas, the kind with the rocks that heat up and you throw water over, heat the air first then slowly heat the body. The more efficient FIR saunas use invisible light waves to penetrate deep into the tissues to heat you from the inside.

Then came the big breakthrough once we discovered the research on the main component of the protocol, niacin (vitamin B-3), that was published in 2000.  Although it was somewhat understood that niacin causes the fat cells to release toxins {which would then come out of the body in sweat}, the earlier data suggested this occurred 30 minutes after niacin was ingested. The new research revealed that the effect we needed from niacin (explained in the FAQs section) actually turns on after 2.5 hours! This was the moment we realized that by providing the next day’s niacin dose for clients to take before coming in we could do in 2 hours what the original protocol took 4-5 hours to achieve.

We were then seeing better results in shorter and shorter time frames, so I began working on the rest of the business model to take our new Detoxination® protocol to market.

That’s when my world seemed to collapse around me, and I was back to nothing but the new Detoxination® protocol. The saunas we had purchased couldn’t take the heavy demands, and Lou decided to close his gym to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant.

Not one to give up easily, I began talking with chiropractors, naturopaths, and similar wellness-minded businesses about partnering with us, but no-one would step up. I had no capital or ability to get traditional funding. Just when I felt I had to sacrifice my dream, our property manager offered free rent on the office portion of Lou’s old gym for 3 months.  It had the changing room, shower, and a perfect floor plan. I figured this was my last shot to bring this amazing program to life, so I took a leap of faith!

We are now operational, and we’re using the best saunas available. Our Clearlight/Jacuzzi saunas are better than before because they’re made of high quality, non-toxic materials, and the only true Full Spectrum Infrared saunas built. These provide three wavelengths that penetrate different tissue layer depths, and this has dramatically reduced the time frame from 4 weeks down to just two!

Although my wife will never be able to fully recover from her maltreated thyroid condition, we know that an underlying cause of inflammatory and degenerative diseases, toxins, can be reduced by 30% with Detoxination®.  And this body burden reduction translates into 78-100% improvement of symptoms on average!

I now do a 5-day maintenance protocol every six months, but having a sauna at home allows us to enjoy the healing benefits of a relaxing sauna on a regular basis.  I’m now in my mid-50s, but most people who meet me can’t believe I’m not 10 years younger!

On December 6th, 2017, we celebrated the Grand Opening of Detoxination Wellness Centers.

Front Entry with logo wall
Panoramic view of main room

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