What Your Employer Can’t Tell You

Did you know that the eighth leading cause of death in the nation is chronic chemical exposures in the workplace?1

Probably not.

If you’re in the military or industries such as mining, agriculture, chemical production, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, firefighting, transportation, and textiles then you likely have been chronically exposed to toxic substances that kill or deteriorate your health slowly and silently.

It has been reported that 160 million occupational diseases are diagnosed per year. Most of these occupational diseases are caused by chemical agents.2

Too often employers allow hazardous substances to be mishandled, issue inferior Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or they provide inadequate safety, storage, and handling instruction.  When spills or unintentional exposures occur, the contamination can quickly spread through the air, soil and water, and absorbed through your skin, lungs, and by ingestion.

Employers may not disclose these OSHA regulation violations because they’d be fined.  Heavily fined.

Corporate Wellness Programs were seen to be a great solution to the problem. These programs differ widely across companies, but they all aim to reduce health-related absenteeism (i.e. sick days) and increase employee productivity.  Sadly, these well intentioned, politically correct red herrings failed to register with employees, cost-savings, or even on the radar of the real issue:  bioaccumulation of xenobiotics.

Common workplace toxic exposures include: asbestos, benzene, arsenic, ammonia, chloroform, zinc, lead, mercury, iodine, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, uranium, and many more.

At least  1 in 10 cancers  –and this is a conservative estimate – are the result of preventable and predictable workplace exposure. More people face a risk of occupational cancer today than at any other time in history. Unfortunately, however, most of them are just not aware of it. A cautious estimate by the International Labour Organization (ILO) puts the human toll from occupational cancer at over 600,000 deaths per year – one death every 52 seconds. The estimate from non-governmental sources goes up to 810,000 occupational cancer deaths.2

Cancer now ranks as the leading cause of death amongst firefighters, according to the International Association of Firefighters.3

Emergency service professionals are classified by the insurance industry as high hazard and demonstrate an alarmingly high incidence of heart attack, high blood pressure and cancer. According to work done by Cindy Ell, president of the International Firefighter Cancer Foundation, when compared to the general population, firefighters demonstrate5:

• 100% higher risk of developing testicular cancer
• 50% higher risk for multiple myeloma, an incurable bone cancer
• 50% higher risk for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
• 28% higher risk of prostate cancer
• Increases in brain, colon and thyroid cancers and malignant melanoma
• Increases in breast cancer

Even if your employer took all reasonable precautions, this does not eliminate your right to a worker’s compensation claim if you were exposed to toxic chemicals at work. Workers’ comp recovery is not based on fault. All that is required for a workers’ compensation claim is that you are exposed to the dangerous substance in the course of your employment, and that the exposure caused an illness or other bodily harm.

Although a Worker’s Compensation claim may be filed, there are only a few types of benefits you may be eligible to receive, according to AllLaw.com:

  • Temporary disability benefits to compensate for the loss of income during the period you are receiving treatment and unable to work.
  • Permanent partial disability or permanent total disability benefits to compensate for permanent bodily impairment due to the toxic exposure.
  • Coverage of your medical treatment expenses, including diagnostic studies, medication, and equipment.


Notice there’s no mention of reducing the body burden of the xenobiotics in order to improve your quality of life or health.  You are expected to accept your settlement – and fate.

Here’s where Detoxination® can help!

For over 35 years, Dr. David E. Root has been effectively administering or supervising the detoxification of individuals exposed at their workplace, by their environment, or through drugs.  Our sauna therapy has been recognized both scientifically in peer-reviewed studies and subjectively by patients who, in most cases, report a 78-100% improvement in their symptoms.

Our program’s effectiveness has led to court rulings, including a review by California’s Supreme Court, that “established it as a compensable form of treatment under Worker’s Compensation law” (Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, January 1, 2001).

If you’d like to learn more about our wellness products or our unique Detoxination® Wellness Program, please contact us

Here’s a short, 3-minute introduction:

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