What Is Detoxination?

Detoxination® improves your quality of life and health by reducing toxic build-up, or body burden, using a sauna-based protocol perfected by Dr. David E. Root.  For over 35 years, Dr. Root has personally treated more than 4,000 individuals and assisted thousands more around the world with niacin (vitamin B-3), exercise, and sauna therapy.

Niacin induces a higher-than-normal breakdown of fat in a process called “Rebound Lipolysis” which we exploit to mobilize toxins and open elimination pathways for your body to sweat them out or be excreted naturally.  Learn more in our FAQs Section.

Combined with better nutrition and chemical-free lifestyle choices Detoxination® can provide sustainable health and needed relief from chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, and sleeplessness while improving your energy and stamina, skin and body scent, cognition and concentration, and ability to lose weight.

Sauna therapy with niacin and exercise has been proven to reduce toxins by 42.4% resulting in 78-100% improvement in symptoms.

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