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We represent the three top manufacturers of infrared saunas:

  • Clearlight® Infrared
  • Radiant Health Saunas
  • Sun Stream Saunas

These are all rated the best for low EMFs (electromagnetic fields), low off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), quality materials, ease of assembly, and solid warranties.

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How To Select The Right Sauna For You!

Congratulations on your decision to acquire a sauna for your home! There are several important factors you must consider before choosing a sauna, such as:

  • Number of seats/ability to recline
  • Available floor space (see chart, below, for power needs and footprint of the models we sell)
  • Wood types (mahogany, basswood, Canadian hemlock)
  • Indoor/outdoor/corner/rectangle
  • Power requirements (see chart, below, for power needs and footprint of the models we sell)
  • EMFs less than or equal to 2 mG (all saunas we sell are the lowest in the industry)
  • ELFs Extremely Low Frequencies (all saunas we sell are the lowest in the industry)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (glues, solvents, formaldehyde) that can off-gas toxins
  • Budget (most important!)

We represent and endorse the three top manufacturers, Clearlight® Infrared, Radiant Health Saunas, and Sun Stream Saunas.  All three were chosen based on their quality of materials and workmanship, Limited Lifetime Warranties, ease of assembly, and lowest EMFs and VOCs.

Our vast selection of saunas, as you will see, are stylish and are available for most applications, such as indoor models, outdoor models, corner units, wheelchair accessible units, and even a Mini sauna that is less than 3′ square for small apartments or spaces!

While traditional saunas are ‘dry’ or convection style, meaning they heat the air first before they can warm your body, we only sell infrared saunas (far infrared or full spectrum infrared).

Why Infrared Saunas?

Infrared rays are one of the sun’s rays and are the healthiest. They’ll penetrate into your skin deeply, and they dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. The infrared light rays vitalize your cells and metabolism.

infrared benefits

* Weight loss benefits subject to Detoxination® Protocol

Full spectrum refers to the entire infrared spectrum: near, mid, and far infrared.

Near infrared is the shortest wavelength and will be absorbed just below the surface of the skin. This creates conditions that promote cell healing and revitalization.

Mid infrared is a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into your body’s soft tissue.  It increases circulation and releases oxygen to reach injured areas and reduce pain.

The far infrared rays, which have a longer wavelength, are especially good for your body. These waves may penetrate 1.5 to 2 inches or more into your body. This allows deeper heat to raise your core body temperature, promoting detoxification.

Traditional “dry” saunas are less efficient than infrared, as they must first heat the surrounding air before warming your body.

The sweat of people using a dry sauna is 95-97 percent water while the sweat from those using an infrared sauna is 80-85 percent water. The remaining 15-20% non-water portion is sebaceous sweat containing cholesterol, fat soluble chemicals, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, and uric acid.  Far infrared saunas are ideal for Detoxination!

Our Infrared Sauna Lineup!

Once you have reviewed the various models and sample images, tell us which units you would like to compare!  After you submit the form, below, we will respond within 24 hours with information sheets, pricing, and shipping costs.

Clearlight® Sanctuary Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Line (mahogany or basswood)

Clearlight® Premier Far Infrared Sauna Line (mahogany or basswood)

Radiant Health Saunas Far Infrared Elite Line (Canadian hemlock)

Sun Stream Far Infrared Elite 360 Line (basswood)

This comprehensive selection chart is designed to help you make the best buying choice for your needs:

Note: California residents must pay sales tax on Clearlight® saunas.


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