Lisa J. —Realtor, Sacramento, CA
Completed Detoxination® on January 24th, 2018

Ben B. —Self-Employed, Rocklin, CA
Completed Detoxination® on May 19th, 2018

See Ben’s actual seat pad stained with toxins which came out in sweat!

Ben B. soiled seat pad

Steven B’s Testimonial

This protocol is AMAZING…I am speechless about how much better I feel. I have personally tried a variety of different things to fix my health, numerous supplements, juice detoxes, fasting and a variety of other things. Nothing has worked as well as this little two week program that I just finished! I wish I could have done it for more time, but with work and everything, 2 weeks was my max I could do.

My mind is clearer, I am loosing weight, so far after a month, I have lost about 15 lbs. I have been trying for literally years to loose weight, at one point fasting for 18-20 hours a day and eating a lot less. Nothing happened. Which is still a mystery to me as to how that is possible from a scientific point haha, but whatever, I’m loosing weight now, so I don’t really mind.

I used to wake up practically blind because I couldn’t get quality sleep even after 8-9 hours. (I was so tired, my vision was blurry) Now I wake up and I simply open my eyes and go to a rock climbing place I like. I do this at about 6am every morning. Every single morning! I used to be so tired, I could not even move or see, let alone get up and go do something active.

My appetite has gone down. I used to be starving all of the time, and my weight started to show it. Now I eat a 6 inch subway sandwich…6 inches?! I haven’t eaten that small of an amount since I was in elementary school, haha. Now I’m full after a 6 inch…that is crazy.

This has literally changed my life from a health standpoint. I now go to a sauna every day. Every morning I do a half hour in a regular sauna with a sauna suit on. I don’t want my body to have to deal with that kind of toxic load again.

I even shoot better in basketball. My coordination has gotten better. All from going into a sauna. I’m stunned and extremely happy all at the same time.

I will gladly recommend this protocol to anybody. I believe everybody should. (Although I know health wise, not everybody can 🙁 ) I will gladly answer any questions from anybody that is curious about it.

Dan even has a coaching program which is cheaper than an in-person visit. You can do it by yourself. (Although it is extremely helpful to have a person there after you get out and are exhausted. Someone who can give you water and everything else you need. But if money is tight, go with the coaching program.)

If you want to literally change your life from a health standpoint, stop everything else you are trying, and try this! You are just wasting money trying other things, when one larger amount of money will be the main thing you need to supercharge all of the other things you are trying.

I still take supplements, and they are amplified now that my body is using them more efficiently.

I can’t say enough about this program. I am still doing parts of it every day with a sauna on my own. Also, Dan is excellent with regards to his availability and helping during the program. He took care of me at every point. So no customer service issues either.

I could go on with more, but that is a brief overview of what this has done for me and how happy I am with the protocol’s results.

Thanks Dan!
—Steven B.