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Here’s how hundreds of thousands have overcome chronic pain, chronic fatigue, obesity, insomnia, fibromyalgia, drug addiction, and many other toxin-induced inflammatory diseases!

Thousands more use this method to prevent financially and physically devastating medical conditions altogether.

Dr. David E. Root pioneered the niacin, exercise, and sauna therapy to treat workplace chemical and radiation exposure injuries back in 1982, and his 35 years’ experience and research have been well documented in peer-reviewed articles and even medical text books.

In 2017 Dr. Root and his son, Daniel Root, released their 2-week Detoxination® Protocol to the Health and Wellness Community, and then set about to teach others on their life-changing program.

This self-help tutorial course will give you easy to follow step-by-step instructions on the only known safe and effective path to sustainable health so you can feel better, have more energy, sleep soundly, look younger, think more clearly, and much more!


Section 1: Background

Part 1: Our History With Sauna Detoxification (7:51)
Part 2: The Science Behind Our Detoxination Protocol (6:59)

Section 2: Preparation — Needed Items, Mindset, Body Prep

Part 1: Preparing Yourself — Right Mindset and Body Prep (7:34)
Part 2: What You Need To Get Started, And Recommendations (7:28)
Part 3: Proper Niacin Dosing While On The Protocol (7:54)
Part 4: Instructions For Mixing Cal-Mag (7:05)
Part 5: Instructions For The Oils, Vitamins, And Minerals (4:09)

Section 3: Detoxination Overview and Step-By-Step Guide

Part 1: Preclusions and Cautions For Sauna Detoxification (8:47)
Part 2: How To Properly Sauna On The Protocol (9:31)
Part 3: How To Properly Exercise For The Protocol (3:33)
Part 4: Step-by-Step Guide To Detoxination (6:03)

Section 4: Conclusion and Living A More Toxin-Free Lifestyle

Part 1: Completion! (4:33)
Part 2: Living A More Toxin-Free Lifestyle (15:09)
Final Thoughts: Stuff you should know! (4:06)

Comparison of Our Services:

Description Remote Detox Coaching Protocol Training Video Orientation Video Tutorial Course Protocol Advice (1 hour)
  Protocol Guidebook
  Orientation Training Meeting Video only
  Video Tutorial Course
  Detoxination Workbook Online Printable Printable Printable Printable
  Questions/Answers Unlimited Limited N/A N/A Limited: via Zoom or email
  Unlimited Coaching
  Price $499 $149 $49 $109 $75

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